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Mental Toughness and the 3-P Mindset

“Thanks to Sarah when I really needed it, it felt like I had an extra 10% in my back pocket.”
Bill Roberts on the summit of The Eiger, July 2010

In both corporate and sporting life, individuals and teams require a focused mindset, and a great deal of mental toughness, in order to deliver. The three qualities that will give you the edge you need, to maintain both and stay balanced, are the 3-P’s;
  • Purpose;
  • Perseverance;
  • Patience.
Every person has a Purpose in life. It is in knowing what your purpose is, that you fulfil your destiny. Purpose is what you need in order to get anything done and, by setting an intention for what you want to achieve each day, will focus your mind.

Working without purpose is akin to wandering around a strange city without a map; you see lots of interesting sights but don’t actually get to your destination.

In your Life; what is your Life Purpose?

In your Team; what is the Team’s Purpose?
  • What is it aiming to achieve?
  • Is it clearly defined?
  • Does everyone in your Team know what it is?
  • Do they share the same Purpose?
These are the very simple, but powerful and oft missed, questions that you should be asking.

Perseverance is a life quality that is needed in order to achieve your Purpose. Norm Larsen, the inventor of WD 40, didn’t give up. WD 40 is so-called because it was the 40th formula that eventually worked!
Perseverance helps us to overcome difficulties, obstacles and discouragements.
  • Collect tools for your tool box; that will help you to recover and maintain your power and confidence; and learn skills, to stop you falling prey to negative self-beliefs; that will give you the quality of Perseverance you need to succeed.
“Patience is a man’s best friend.” How often have you heard that said? Has it been said to you? In both personal and professional life, Patience will improve your relationships with others and, more importantly, with yourself!
Learning Patience will give you the ability to bear and overcome provocation, irritation and annoyance, without complaint or loss of temper.
Patience allows you to deal with restlessness and delay, and opens up a deeper ability within ourselves to listen to others.
Having Patience with yourself reduces high stress levels, and helps you to have a steady perseverance and be diligent under pressure.

Have you got your 3-P’s?

You can rid yourself quickly, simply and effectively, of those negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that reduce your capacity and ability to perform, by increasing your tool box and maximising your performance.

Contact Sarah to learn more.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson