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Energy Psychology

The key promise of Energy Psychology is that it can help you to bring about dramatic personal change and growth – in your career, in your relationships, in your family life and in your sporting or recreational interests.

In just a few short sessions, I can help you to regain your power and confidence; teaching you skills to stop you falling prey to negative self-beliefs.
I look at the patterns in your behaviour so that, together, we can work on your areas for development, as well as capitalising your strengths.
I address the issue of low self-esteem by increasing selfawareness and confidence levels and helping you to get back in touch with the immense power that lies within your true self.

I bring the techniques of Energy Psychology to bear on problems such as fears and phobias, or the countless limiting beliefs that impede your private and professional development.

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"Thanks to Sarah, my ambition is to have a calm and centred approach which leads to more constructive meetings"
Manager - Services Industry