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Simple energy psychology techniques, eliminate stressAn Investment in Yourself

No matter what the stock market may be doing right now, there's one investment opportunity that always pays off - an investment in yourself. And with demands on management and individuals running at levels that have rarely, if ever, been experienced before, it's essential that you're delivering peak performance - despite the fact that you may well be experiencing peak anxiety.

That's easier said than done, of course. Because when extreme pressure is applied to any aspect of our lives, the negative beliefs and emotions that have been running quietly in the background rapidly come to the surface. To counter this, it's essential that you create enough calm in the middle of the storm to make sure that your responses to today's challenges are based on logic, and not on these negative beliefs and emotions.

Common Stories

Most people will identify - at least occasionally - with some of the following common stories:
  • I have simply too much to do and I'll never be able to make enough time to slow down and consider just what I'm doing.
  • No matter what I do, outside economic factors mean that I just can't win.
  • Even though I'm more talented than others, they seem to get the plum jobs.
  • Things are going to get worse rather than better in the future.
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