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Do you have the Mindset to achieve your goals and reach your Peak Performance?

"If you don't see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner."
Zig Ziglar

Whether you’re looking to compete in your sport at international level or just trying to lower your golf handicap, one of the most obvious differentiators from your competitors is your level of mental toughness and focus.

An athlete can produce excellent results one week and an atrocious performance the next. It seems apparent that the reason can’t be purely physical. More often than not, it’s due to feelings of negativity that prevent the athlete from accessing their true level of talent.

I can help you remove the emotional blocks to peak performance through a simple, easily applied technique that is available to all. Known as EFT - or Emotional Freedom Technique - it helps remove harmful performance anxiety by addressing your self-image, eliminating any negative self-beliefs and strengthening the positive ones, to enable every athlete to go beyond the fear of past failures.

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  You can train all you like but if you don't deep down believe that you can win then you won't.
 I finally won the big international competition I had always dreamed of winning
Colum Slevin (European Table Tennis Champion and Double Gold Medal winner 2007. Bronze Medal Winner World Championship 2008)

Cashman Photography 
  Working with Sarah meant I was mentally prepared for competition and had a better ability to cope with obstacles as they arose. My handicap has come down by 25%, much of which I would contribute to her methodologies. 
Greg Leech. Dublin.

  I had one goal, one race and one chance in 2010.   I got what I wanted thanks to the help of Sarah Bird.  My goal race was the European X Terra Triathlon Championships in Sardinia, Italy.  My weekly sessions with Sarah, helped me to focus on converting my weaknesses into strengths and to focus on the positive.  I believe that these techniques will work on athletes, only if they have done the hard work and preparation. Sarah's techniques work best for fine tuning the machine. It is the icing on the cake, when the hard work is done.  The techniques which I learned were the crutch which I leant on when under pressure or if self doubt tried to enter my mind.  All sporting high performance starts and finishes with the mind.  Thank you Sarah for you work with me, on me, for me!. 
Adam Kelly.