GMT Function Of The Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

Welcome to, and the GMT function of the Rolex line of watches. Now we have three different generations of replica watches here. The one on the far right is the replica Rolex GMT-Master II, not the GMT-Master II. You can say that because when you look at that part of the dial, it shows the GMT-Master. now, this is the replica Rolex GMT-Master II. look at what the dial says about the Master II, which is also the latest version of the GMT-Master II Because it has the same functions as this replica watch. Thus, the two watches have similar functions but are very different from each other in appearance. It has a lacquered bezel, tapered lugs, they are both 40mm, but this one has a ceramic bezel. It is called Batman because it is black and blue at the top and bottom. Then it has a wider lug series rather than a tapered lug series. This also happens to have a jubilee bracelet, but they also have oyster bracelets just like the oyster bracelet. So these look very, very different. However, they have the same width and they have the same era. This is an early 2000s model, and today it's a late 2010s model. So this one actually happens to be unused. It has some protective stickers attached to it.

116710 BLNR Rolex GMT Master II Mens Automatic


The original owner was able to leave them there. So it's a little bit surprising, but that's what we needed to do. We need to show the functionality in the differences between these two replica watches. These are similar GMT-Master II watches. They look exactly the same. They are both 40mm. They are in every way, and you may not notice the difference between the two unless you look at the dial, but the movement is functionally different. Now, here's the most important thing to know about this particular watch. This is the GMT Master I. Do you see it? There is no Roman numeral II indicator. The GMT hand on this watch is in synchronized time with the hour hand, so we'll take local time into account, right? So when you turn the crown, this is a water-resistant replica watch. You can wear it underwater. You're going to pull it out to set the time that we pulled the replica Rolex GMT-Master II out of. Two clicks all the way to the edge. We're going to move that hand on the dial. Now, it says it's the 23rd. Now, how do we know it's midnight? I know it's midnight because the GMT hand is now located at the top of the bezel. I'm going to turn this baffle to mark the exact position so it doesn't look confusing. It is perfectly symmetrical with the triangle. For 12. when I do this, you will see it change from 23 to 24. We know that's midnight, there's no doubt about that. Now, let me be clear, never set that date when those hands are above 9:00 and 3:00 AM. So, at 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM because you could make the date wheel crash. You can bend it and break it. It may not change on time. It may change slowly. It may not change at all. Definitely don't want to do that. So, you always want to set the time with the hour hand at the bottom of the dial. Now we know it's midnight because it just flipped. I'm going to place this at 6:00 AM, but you may notice that you see 6:00 AM. Your GMT hand is at 6:00 AM. Why does that GMT hand only go around this outer circle once a day? This hand, on the other hand, rotates around the inner dial twice a day. So far, you are with me. Therefore, please pay attention to this GMT hand.

Setting The Watch

If you need to set the replica Rolex GMT-Master II watch date to simply pull it out, scroll through the date with one touch, set the date, and tighten it by whatever date you need to push it into the crown. Push it in, tighten it. Right. The explanation of that content is a little lengthy, but that's because it's more difficult to understand than that content. This is easy to understand. Again, loosening the crown is a little different. The date is only flipped by the hour hand because it's not related to the GMT hand. Look at this. So, this is the 12th time we've picked up this replica watch. We don't know if it's afternoon or afternoon, and we're going to find out what it is because I'm going to pull this crown all the way down. Just like I'm going to set the time and look at it and see how each day can also be handled on the outside bezel. But the inner one is chasing it quickly because it's going to go about twice a day. Now, notice moving the date setting to 30 from 12 to 13, and that's because we, our hands, our GMT-Master II, and the hands past 12:00 are set to midnight. That's how we now know it's 6:00 AM. Just because we pointed that out when the date rolled over, but notice this. That would be noon today, right? That's synchronized because it shows noon on the baffle. But notice that I'm going to push it back in and pull it out with one click. Suppose I go from one time zone to another, and I want to set the local time. But my home time is still noon. Now I can set my own independent time to whatever replica Rolex GMT-Master II time zone I'm in. So if I'm in there, if it's noon right now, I can now see that it becomes 14. That's midnight, right? So that's noon. It's synchronized. So I want to make sure I leave the noontime at home. Now, I'm going to say that because it's synchronized. I'm going to move this up to three steps. I'm at three o'clock local time. See it's noon, but it's already three o'clock local time. Okay, now it's noon home. Let's say I'm in California. I can go back up one, two, three is nine o'clock local time. It's not afternoon. It's 9:00 AM.

Since the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) hand points it outside the GMT-Master II bezel, it's still noon to return home. The hour hand local hand pointing inside you will bring it to the dial as you usually say, because that is your local time. I hope that makes sense. I hope that's the simple explanation. So, clearly, that's how you set your local time versus GMT time. But if you want to set the time of day, you can go forward and change it to 1516, and if you need to go back, you can change it to 15, 14, 13, and every time you go past midnight, it goes back to the first day. . Now we will send it back on the 13th at 9:00 am. So, this works differently than the GMT Master II. Now, the watch works exactly the same as it does now. The watch turns off the crown. So right now we don't know. We don't know when this watch is telling us. We don't know if it's almost 10:00 AM or almost 10:00 PM. so we tighten the screw on the crown and pull it out. Some recent historical observations. So I have a little time. First make sure that the replica Rolex GMT-Master II watch is really good and that it's working properly, and then pull it out. I'll push that one past 12 o'clock and see if that date flips. Prosperity, the date flips 11 to 12. which means it's midnight. Put our hand on the lower half of the dial. Now, suppose I want to perform this operation. I'm going to make this easy because I really want everybody to understand how this works. I'm going to put it at noon, and we're actually going to set the local time to noon.

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