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It's fresh in the showcase at ReplicaMagic3.to. We're talking about vintage replica watches today and things that we have that have some really unique and interesting features that involve not only the dial itself, the case itself, but also the paint and the luminescence on the dial, because those things change over time, so there's a lot that happens. And you have some favorite pieces that are my favorites. Absolutely. Really seeing the color change on the dial is definitely my favorite vintage watch. It's true that the whole process does require taking the replica watch to the next level. Especially some of these older pieces. The first two here are probably my favorites. I believe we have an Omega Speedmaster a moon here.

Omega Seamaster 300m 2221.80.00 Mens Steel

Omega Speedmaster

Caliber 321 actually has the replica Omega Speedmaster logo engraved on its back, not "the first watch worn on the moon". Therefore, this actually predates it. Not printed on the back. You said etched. I want to emphasize that this is very important. As you can say, there is obviously no loom on this marker, but you have this beautiful brown copper green color that, I'm sorry to say, comes out with age on these old Seamasters or Speedmasters. It does add a lot of definition between the black and the glowing color on the dial. So even though it becomes a darker color, you still get such a high contrast through the dial. So the marker still looks like absolute beauty. It also matches so that the older leather straps can go hand in hand with it. It's really cool as time goes by. Now, one of the things that I think we should point out to people, especially on the Omega, is that the loom does come off over time. So if you own one of these replica watches, then a lot of people will think, well, I want them to be exactly like bronze, in this case, I want them all together. The truth is, as time passes, these replica watches are like thin paper material that actually has luminescence applied to it. Therefore, it will go out, especially between the replica Omega Seamaster watch, sorry Speedmaster, because there are indeed gaps in the hands centered in the middle. There is no way to avoid this. As this watch gets older, and as it shakes and vibrates around it, it may come off and may even leave something on the dial, or even leave some spots on the dial. Don't be afraid. This is actually normal. It doesn't diminish the value of the watch. Well, I would tell you to do nothing but sit there, vacuum gazing at the watch, seal the case, it's low humidity, and just keep it like it's intact. Maybe this is not the right watch for you, but if you absolutely want to wear this watch every day, then do it. Don't let this watch sit around because the longer you wear it, the older it will get and the more valuable it will become. In my case, only as a personal item of value. I mean, what's the point of a steel case back? To me, unless you just want something that will be worth $10 million in the future. So, if you like bronze, then that's not something you want to do anyway. Exactly. But it's probably what I would absolutely love.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

This is the Rolex Sea-Dweller, and as you can see in the dive replica watch, you really have a tremendous glow that was supposed to give off a real glow, but now you see that it's all turned into this uniform tan color. Indeed, you can find one of the best examples of bronzing on an old dive watch that I've ever seen. I know that vintage Rolex collectors can definitely fix this. Absolutely beautiful I insist on this because one of the things you just pointed out is that there is a coppery green on the loom, but a coppery green on the dial. Now, it's hard to see it in normal light. But this particular dial is called a spider dial. It has a slit. The dial cracks into a very unique pattern in the paint on the dial. It's really cool. Yes, it's almost like a stained glass window. Absolutely. You know, it has a really unique pattern. I really like the spider dials because each dial is different from all the different types, especially depending on the manufacturer. Literally, this is the coolest watch I've ever seen. Honestly, I want to own this watch because it looks like the old copper green on the dial. It does. So, but they're both Submariner, and they're both very similar in age. They're just different ages, which is important. Yes it is. So please continue. Okay, so I think the next example for you, an example that you're using, you're looking at what you're currently wearing, this beautiful looking (Panerai) Luminor is an example of a manufacturer and a brand that's really trying to capitalize on that. Relying on people's crazy choices of these colors on bronze, right? So, this is what some collectors call a civilian vessel, and they have a very weathered look in terms of color and appearance, and yes, I was wondering if you could get a close-up of both of those colors. These are two great examples of two brands that like to do that. So that's what we tell people many times on ReplicaMagic3.to.

History Watches

First of all, when you buy a replica watch with history, a lot of people ask us if we change the dial, and please listen to all the other things we want to make sure you understand that we don't change the dial. We don't make any changes on ReplicaMagic3.to, after servicing the replica watches, when they come in, they come in and they look exactly the same. We don't fool around with things like that. That's really important for a lot of people because it's nice when service manufacturers want to change and update them, but for collectors, let's not do that. Let's leave the replica watch exactly as it is, right? So the watch maker says, faux brass green, oh, well, maybe we've done something wrong over the years. Now people really want that. So if you want, now there are people who actually want their watches to glow and have that glow at night, but at the same time, they want to have that look. You can't have both because these watches replica are older, from radium to rhodium to now Super LumiNova, which are three different types of luminescence that are applied to the dial. Now, they use Super LumiNova. Now, Tudor actually uses gel on the inside of each marker as well as on the outside of the bezel. Yes, this is the actual liquid that they use. It's not paint, which a lot of people don't realize. So, it gives off this bright blue color that lasts a very long time. Even with that light coppery green, the color is still blue, which is really interesting. It is. So you can have both, but that's not the only reason why bronzes or artificial bronzes exist. Panerai, for example - they do it backwards on the dial. Now, this happens to be a sandwich dial that is not only coated with bronze. So let's review the real quick reason why it comes to my mind when we talk about it.

It's a sandwich dial because there's a dial underneath that's painted in a luminous color and then there's another dial engraved on top. Yes, that's why it's called a sandwich dial. So what they've done is they've gone with a bronze paint job, still Super LumiNova. it's turned into a really bright green and probably one of the best luminous replica watches in the industry, if not the best watch in the industry to watch luminous and watch. So if you want something that lasts all night, it's definitely a Panerai. Now why is this so important? Panerais, when they first came out, around the 1930s, they used radium on the dial. So what happens is, you'll find that the half-life of the uranium that they use to make the dial will start to change in two to three years. Historically, if you own a watch from the 50's, 60's or 70's and you send it to Rolex, they may not repair that watch. They may reject it because they simply don't have the parts to replace them. watches replica, which don't have to reappear, don't always need replacement parts. A properly maintained watch will work just fine as long as it's well cared for and you've purchased a watch that hasn't been completely destroyed, overused, dropped and broken, right? So, like anything, if it has the wealth to make it last a long time. Therefore, we have many vintage replica watches available for you to purchase that have full antique brass on them. This Omega right here, the case has arrived and we haven't touched it. It has not been polished. We don't do anything about it. We leave it in its original bronze color, dial, case, etc. We want you to wear it as you always have so you don't have something artificial that looks like a replica watch today. Exactly. This sums up all the antique brass why we have vintage watches replica and what happens to them as time goes by. As I said, radium, the and super luminescence. LumiNova is the latest in the history of paint that began in the mid to late 1990s. The Japanese introduced it and, uh, that's the main paint that's used now. And, they are supercharging all of these to make them look right. fresh from the showcase at ReplicaMagic3.to.

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