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Where is Your Head Right Now?

Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.” John O’Donohue

One of the inevitable consequences of economic downturn is that the business community needs to work harder than ever to survive and prosper. But that needn’t necessarily mean working longer hours – it may simply mean being truly present while you’re in the workplace.

It’s an amazing – but true – statistic that on a forty-minute car journey, we only pay attention to our driving for two minutes. For the other 38 minutes, we’re usually thinking about where we should be, what we have to do, what the person walking down the street is wearing. It goes on and on.

When we’re in the workplace, we sometimes fare no better, spending most of our energy psychology looking back on past events (which are dead and gone and cannot possibly profit us) or looking to the future (which may or may not materialize).

So how can we come to be actively more present in our professional (and personal) lives and actually show up? And even more critically, why is it important in the first place to be present? Surely it can be much nicer, at times, to be in daydream mode, miles away from our cares and our worries?

Well, the answer to this question is that, by spending much of our working day either thinking about past or events, it takes us away from being present and allows our energy to flow away from our core.

We are born with 100% energy available to us, but as we grow older, we can spend as much as 35% of our time engaged in thinking back to the past, and the same amount speculating on the future. This leaves us with only about 30% of our overall energy to work within the moment – nowhere near enough to make the most of our day-to-day business lives.

The good news is that, there is so much written about the topic of being present, we should all be able to go and get the information to help us.

The bad news is that, even if we get our hands on the information, we rarely stay present enough to take in what we are reading.

We need to take back control of our energy psychology by being in the present and working on all the thoughts and feelings that limit us and take that attention away.

Sarah Bird is a Personal Development Consultant and a leading practitioner of Energy Psychology Techniques and Nonviolent Communication. For information on consultations and workshops, log onto